Big Data and Ethical Innovation


The speed of development in Big Data and associated phenomena, such as social media, has surpassed the capacity of the average consumer to understand his or her actions and their knock-on effects. Responses will have to take into account these limitations and shift the responsibility for ethical conduct to the engineering and data scientist side of data driven innovation. A code of conduct is not enough - innovation in a datafied society needs to abide by principles guiding "ethics by design" and responsible use of data.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Andrej Zwitter

Professor - University of Groningen

Andrej Zwitter holds the NGIZ Chair in International Relations at the Faculty of Law, the University of Groningen and is also an honorary senior research fellow at the Liverpool Hope University. In his function as NGIZ-Chair he heads the Political Science Department. His research foci include ethics in international politics and law, Big Data ethics, state of emergency politics, as well as law and politics of humanitarian action. Among other institutions he has consulted EUROSTAT, the Dutch Office of Official Statistics, and the German National Bank on matters of big data and ethical codes.

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