IoT & fresh food


IoT impact on the traditional industry How IoT is a way to offer high quality access to services every where on all the industry for exemple tracability and food supply chain - reliable technology for lower price and a quality of services -

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

anne sophie bordry

co-founder - Tetramos

Anne-Sophie Bordry has developed an expertise on the impact of innovations on the institutions. She is managing, Medicis Web, a think-tank "Internet of things France "; Tetramos, a startup in the field of connected thermometry. She also launched an app to protect children against cyber-bullying : "Stop Bashing" (USA, FR, Italy). She was previously, Director of the Public Affairs for France and Southern Europe at Facebook. She also was during ten years, advisor to the Secretary of State for the digital economy, Advisor at the Prime Minister administration,and Senator's advisor.

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